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International Women's Day 2024

International Women's Day 2024

Celebrating the Women Behind Bill Skinner

International Women's Day is not just a celebration of women's remarkable achievements globally; it's a moment to shine a spotlight on the individuals who infuse our brand with its essence.

While our brand name pays homage to Bill, the creative craftsman and visionary who laid our foundation over 40 years ago, this International Women’s Day we’re putting the spotlight on the talents and dedication of the women we are lucky enough to have on our team. They are the artisans, the visionaries, and the warm smiles behind every piece of our unique jewellery that finds its way into your life.

Our Kent Boutiques

In our Kent boutiques, you'll encounter the friendly faces of our team, some of whom are pictured here.

Bill Skinner Sevenoaks Boutique Shop

Dedicated to helping you pick out the perfect jewellery to go with your outfit, or the ideal gift for your sister or friend. If you’re local to Kent then please come and visit us. We can guarantee a personal service and we love to chat all things jewellery and styling!

Our Otford Studio 

Behind the scenes at our studio in Otford, a diverse team of experiences, perspectives, and talents work hard to craft and deliver, your unique jewellery. 

Mandy and Wendy will be the friendly faces you see in our Otford boutique, and who work hard to make sure your online orders are sent out on time and beautifully packaged. Anita keeps our operations running smoothly, managing all office and stock logistics with finesse, not an easy job.

Gemma, our digital and marketing maestro, ensures our online presence shines bright. You can always reach her on Facebook or Instagram to ask any questions. 

Sara, our master designer works with Bill, transforming ideas into drawings, into models and finally into our jewellery, miniature works of art, infused with passion and precision.

And Claire, our hugely experienced growth driver, whose creative flair knows no bounds, weaving stories into every delicate detail, resonating with the nature lover in you.

Join us in honouring the women who make our family business shine brighter every day.

Happy International Women's Day!

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