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How to Style Brooches - 5 Looks For a Fresh Twist on Timeless Style

How to Style Brooches - 5 Looks For a Fresh Twist on Timeless Style

Brooches are not just for grannies/grandma core! These versatile accessories have made a stylish comeback, adding a touch of elegance and personality to any outfit. Our unique collection of brooches combines classic charm with contemporary flair, making them perfect for you, the modern woman who loves to stand out.

Brooches Are Never Out of Fashion

Gone are the days when brooches were seen as relics of the past. Today, they are celebrated as statement pieces that can transform even the simplest outfit into something extraordinary. Our brooches are designed for you; the modern woman who values timeless beauty and unique style. Each piece in our collection captures the essence of nature, making it perfect for those who love to carry a touch of the outdoors with them.

Elevate Your Brooch Styling with These Tips:  

Styling brooches can be both fun and sophisticated. Here are some ideas to help you incorporate these beautiful pieces into your wardrobe:


  1. To Smarten Up a Simple Single Colour Dress for a Wedding:

Choose a brooch that contrasts with your dress to make it stand out like our Bejewelled Beetle Statement Brooch, or our Pave Dragonfly Brooch. A vibrant brooch on a simple dress adds a touch of elegance and sophistication, making you the centre of attention.


2. Simple to chic: Add a Brooch on a Simple White Shirt:

Pin a neautral but elegant brooch like our Peace Dove Brooch, Seahorse Brooch or Queen Bee Brooch to the opening of your shirt collar for a unique twist on a classic white shirt.This not only draws attention to your neckline but also serves as a unique alternative to a necklace.


  1. On Denim Shorts or Denim Jacket for Summer:

Add a playful touch to your casual outfits by pinning multiple brooches on your denim jacket. This is a fun way to express your personality and add a burst of colour to your look. Our Sunflower Brooch, Parrot and Flamingo Brooch are perfect for this look.


  1. Missing a Button or a Strap?:

Use a brooch to fix a missing button or strap. Not only is this a practical solution, but it also adds a decorative element to your garment, turning a mishap into a style statement.

5. With Our Scarf - Two Ways:

   - Pin our Flamingo Brooch to our Jungle Paradise Scarf for a whimsical, coordinated look.

   - Attach our Blackberry and Mouse Brooch to our Meadow Print Scarf, blending the floral elements for a cohesive and charming outfit.

Embrace the Versatility

Wearing brooches is all about creativity and personal expression. Whether you’re dressing up for a special occasion or adding flair to a casual outfit, our brooches offer endless possibilities. They are conversation starters, elegant touches, and unique expressions of your style.

Explore our exclusive collection of brooches

Discover how these timeless pieces can enhance your style. From weddings to casual outings, our brooches are the perfect accessory for any occasion. Click the here to browse our collection of brooches and add a touch of elegance and personality to your wardrobe.


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