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International Women's Day 2023

International Women's Day 2023

Bill is our inspiration and creative engine behind everything that goes on here at Bill Skinner but as we celebrate International Women’s Day this week, it’s important to acknowledge and celebrate the women in our family business who play a vital role in bringing you your beautiful jewellery. 

Meet them here as they talk about their inspiration and favourite pieces this season...



Gill Skinner - Director

You can usually find Gill in our Sevenoaks store helping pick you out some jewellery and wearing one of her favourite pieces from the Statement Bees collection. ‘My favourite piece is the Queen Bee Statement Necklace' it goes beautifully to dress up an everyday top, or can really work with a more glamorous look.’ 

Favourite quote: ''You can be gorgeous at thirty, charming at forty and irresistible for the rest of your life'' Coco Chanel

Anita - operations manager

Anita looks after operations, making sure everything runs smoothly. ‘My Favourite piece from the new collection is the Rose Book. I love the more personalised inscription engraved on the inside.’

Favourite quote "I design my life and write my own story" unknown

Claire - business development manager

Claire brings Bill’s & Sara designs to market & drives the growth of our business. 'My Favourite piece of jewellery is the Initial Pendant. I love to wear personalised & unique jewellery and this pendant ticks all the boxes, this will be a staple piece in my spring-summer wardrobe. I have already bought one for my mum, I just hope she likes it as much as I do.'’

Favourite quote "Yeah, I run like a girl, try to keep up" unknown

Clairey - wholesale manager

Clairey spreads the word about Bill Skinner jewellery managing our wholesale partners. ‘My Favourite piece from the Secret Garden collection is the Floral Key. I just love the detail in the intricate design.’ 

"Don't let the ugly in others kill the beauty in you" Aletheia Liola

Sara - designer

Sara works with Bill to come up with new unique and exciting designs for your jewellery. ‘From this season I love the enamelled butterflies - the butterfly net brooch is my fave, I like the realistic enamelled butterflies against the fun of a net brooch, of course, I designed it so all the butterflies are escaping (to adorn your outfit!) : )

Favourite quote: "You can't use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have." Maya Angelou, author, poet, civil rights activist’

Gemma - digital manager

Gemma looks after all things digital and takes you behind the scenes of what goes on here - follow us on facebook and instagram if you want to see more! ‘My favourite pieces in the new collection are the gold and silver butterfly and dragonfly hoops - I can’t wait to see the Station Necklaces coming in soon too, they go together beautifully.’ 

Favourite quote: "The secret, Alice is to surround yourself with people who make your heart smile, it's then, only then, that you will find wonderland"


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