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The Famous Bumble Bee Necklace

The Famous Bumble Bee Necklace

The famous Bumble Bee necklace is one of Bill Skinner’s most famed and acclaimed pendants to date.

Bill masters the beautiful and intricate detail of the iconic British Bumble Bee, making each piece eye-catching and utterly unique with a modern, fashion led design. 

It was Bill’s admiration for the sociable and kind Bee which sparked him to create this timelessly stylish pendant.  Bill's famed carving skills illutrate the famed silhouette of the British bee in breath taking detail, from the velevet textured body to the intricate pattern of the wings.

As featured in British Vogue, the Bee & Honeycomb collection continues to be the go-to story for every season. Whether you're reaching for soemthing to reinvigorate your daily wardrobe up or seeking a sophisticated accent for a special occasion, our classic Bee Pendant is our go to necklace!  

 The Bill Skinner Bumble Bee Necklace £50 - Avalible In Store & Online 


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