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Pearl Peas? Yes Please!

Pearl Peas? Yes Please!

As an avid gardener, Bill sought to highlight and relive the pleasure experienced from the magic of nurture and nature, a long-standing British pastime. Each charming piece beautifully reveals its own rewarding moment, for the wearer to treasure forever.

Despite the intricate design of this ornate collection, Bill created the Pea Pods to we worn casually during the day. Adding a timeless elegance to any outfit. 

Pea Pods are a botanical fruit, so we've added hand painted enamel flowers for a delicate motif, framed with lush green leaves. This collection offers a new twist on wearing pearls, with a green-fingered twist! 

Our Pea Pod collection feature freshwater pearls, which are officially the oldest gemstone to date. Pearls add a dash of sophistication to any look and in the word of Jackie Kennedy "Pearls are always appropriate!" so that's us sold! 

Shop our full Pea Pod jewellery collection here.


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